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...thank you for all your work and effort you put into making our Christening and Wedding cakes. Everyone commented how lovely and tasty they were...

- Sally and Everyl

Click here to see Sally and Everyl's cake.

...the cake was fantastic...

- Dawn and Martin

Click here to see Dawn and Martin's cake.

...thank you for making a cake so perfect for Fiona and Paul's Special Day. They thought it was wonderful...

- Lin and Geoff

Click here to see Lin and Geoff's cake.

...thank you for very much for the wonderful cakes...

- Jayne and Dan

Click here to see Jayne and Dan's cake.

...thank you for the beautiful cake, we couldn't believe the flowers were icing...

- Barb and Mick

Click here to see Barb and Mick's cake.

...the perfectly crafted flowers were admired by all who saw them and everyone fortunate to be given a piece of the cake agreed it tasted lovely too...

- Shirley and Tony

Click here to see Shirley and Tony's cake.

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